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About the Thornton W. Burgess Research League.

Thornton W. Burgess before Bedtime Stories

Nature writing

Aim! Fire!! Bang!!! Stories [TWB's childhood reading list]
Bedtime Stories Prehistory: Friends in feathers and fur [Another book from TWB's reading list]
Burgess shoots a chickadee [TWB's conversion story]
Some early Burgess nature stories [TWB writes about dogs, cats, and birds for Good Housekeeping]
Burgess and "The Cat Question" [TWB weighs in on cats and the natural environment]
A Chickadee break [TWB poem about chickadees]
Tale of the Trout [TWB's first published work]
When the Scoters Fly [TWB's early hunting poetry]
Burgess shoots a moose, with a camera [TWB and nature photography]
Burgess is hired to write about nature [TWB's 1902 gig at Country Life in America]
Burgess's Bird Work [TWB writes about birds for Country Life in America]
New England Homestead Bird Work [More TWB writing about birds]
Thornton Burgess and the Nature Study Movement [TWB as Young Folk's Editor of New England Homestead]

Other writing

Burgess the Ad Man [TWB finds a job in advertising]
Burgess the Copywriter [TWB writes advertising copy]
New England Homestead Table Talk [TWB edits the children's letters page]
Talking guns [TWB the hunter]
Burgess covers the seafood beat [TWB stories from Good Housekeeping]
Burgess and the Pure Food Movement [TWB promotes food safety (and brands)]
Burgess's earliest boy adventure stories [TWB's stories in the New England Homestead]
Burgess's own boy [TWB and the relationships between fathers and sons]
Burgess the romantic [TWB writes love stories]
Thornton Burgess and the Springfield Homestead
Thornton Burgess, Civic Poet [TWB writes official poetry for the Springfield Homestead]
Pauline stories, or, how to get readers to read the ads [TWB writes advertising puzzles]

Burgess Bedtime Stories

The Early Days

Bedtime Stories: The Origin Myth [TWB explains how he began writing bedtime stories]
Joel Chandler Harris and the Burgess Bedtime Stories [TWB and Uncle Remus]
Boys in disguise [TWB's earliest bedtime stories]
Burgess's Bedtime Story Characters 
Pre-Burgess Newspaper Bedtime Stories
Howard R. Garis: Newspaper's other 15,000 Story Man
Burgess's earliest newspaper stories
Little Stories for Bedtime: Origin [The beginning of TWB's daily newspaper story]
School children find a new make-believe world [TWB's popularity among Kansas City children]
Unusual! Unsurpassable! Unrivalled! Unique! [Newspapers promote Little Stories for Bedtime]
1913 Letters to the Kansas City Star [Readers write to TWB]
Burgess responds to his readers [TWB writes back]
Three more years (at least) of the GREATEST NEWSPAPER FEATURE [More hype]
The Kansas City Star begins the Bedtime Stories Club
The Bedtime Stories Club grows and grows and grows
Bedtime Story Personal Letters [TWB writes columns for Bedtime Story Clubs--with links to examples]

Complete List of Bedtime Stories

A note on sources and methods
Online sources for Burgess newspaper stories

Little Stories for Bedtime 1912 (part 1) (part 2) (part 3)

Modular Story-telling
Presenting a New Burgess Bedtime Stories Book [The Adventures of Rusty the Fox Squirrel]

The Business Side of Bedtime Stories

Little Stories for Bedtime: Communities and Commodities [The commercial side of TWB's story]
The Ancient and Supreme Order of Quaddies [TWB merchandises his characters]
Peter Rabbit in Dreamland [The TWB Musical]
Johnny Chuck in Japan [TV's Yama-nezumi Rocky Chuck & Fables of the Green Forest]
Thornton Burgess the recording artist [Bedtime Stories records--updated 11/10/2013]
Thornton Burgess, traveling performer [TWB meets the public]
The Colgate Incident [TWB pitches toothpaste and wonders about otters]

Communicating Nature

Burgess meets William T. Hornaday [TWB becomes an environmentalist]
Burgess names the animals [Why "Peter Rabbit"?]
Burgess and Nature-Faking [TWB and dubious nature stories]
Research News Flash: Burgess's nature-faker in-joke [TWB repeats Seton yarn]
Burgess Bird Book for Children
Tragedy and Burgess [Predation in the Bedtime stories]
The National Review and a Box full of Adages [TWB's moral lessons]
The Evolving Environmental Consciousness of Farmer Brown's Boy
On the fence [TWB promotes the scientific method]

Harrison Cady

Harrison Cady [TWB's illustrator]
Cady's Peter Rabbit [The visual history of the character]
New Harrison Cady Tumblr Blog [Nearly complete (pre-copyright) Harrison Cady collection]
O Rare Harrison Cady [Harrison Cady memoir]

Radio Nature League

Birds of the Radio Nature League [TWB uses birds as a gateway to interest in nature]
Farmer Brown's Boy and the Founding of the Radio Nature League [TWB, radio pioneer]
Radio Nature League Prehistory [TWB Bedtime Stories read on air]
Scripted Radio [Overview of Radio Nature League script collection]
Thornton Burgess radio scripts [Overview of TWB radio work]
Bedtime Story Radio Talks (1924) [TWB's first radio programs]
Radio Nature League (1925 January-February)
Radio Nature League (1925 March-May)
Radio Nature League (1925 June-August)
Radio Nature League (1925 September to December) 
Burgess Radio Nature League [TWB's RNL newspaper feature]
Radio Nature League (1926 January-March)
Easter on the Green Meadows 1914 [Bedtime story]
Radio Nature League (1926 April to June)
Radio Nature League (1926 September to December)
Radio Nature League (1927 January to April)
Radio Nature League (1927 May to December)
Radio Nature League (1928)
Radio Nature League (1929)
Radio Nature League (1930) [RNL is disbanded August 2, 1930]
Burgess returns to radio (1933-1934) [RNL returns November 20, 1933]
Radio Nature League on the Sun Glow Program (1935-1936) [RNL gains a sponsor]
Radio Nature League News [The printed supplement to the RNL program]
Good Neighbors Club (1939) [Local radio show sponsored by the SPCA]
Tommy and his chums [TWB pitches a national radio show]

Other Burgess Activities

Green Meadow Club (People's Home Journal)

Feathered Soldiers [Introducing TWB's Green Meadow Club Bird Sanctuaries Campaign]
The Origins of the Green Meadow Club [TWB and the People's Home Journal]
The Green Meadow Club Pledge [TWB urges kindness to animals]
Green Meadow Club Bird Sanctuaries Campaign 

Other activities

Burgess the Vigilante [TWB writes propaganda for Hoover's Food Administration]
Burgess and the Boy Scouts [TWB writes a series of novels about boy scouts]
Bonus Post: Young America. "All hail the boy!" [TWB poem celebrating boyhood]
Thornton Burgess, propagandist [TWB's public service messages]
Happy Jack's Thrift Club [TWB's most successful public service campaign]

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