Sunday, September 2, 2012

Unusual! Unsurpassable! Unrivalled! Unique!

Ad in Boston Daily Globe for Little Stories for Bedtime (Feb 9, 1913)
The Boston Daily Globe was, among its partners in Associated Newspapers, a relatively late adopter of "Little Stories for Bedtime," not running it consistently 6 days-a-week until February 1913. But look at the amount of hype displayed when they finally picked it up!

Burgess's stories are "the most popular stories published for children."
Burgess is "one of the masters of the English language." His characters are comparable to those of Aesop and Uncle Remus (Joel Chandler Harris).

Note as well the claim of New England exclusivity (it wouldn't last) and the fact that the series now was perceived to have enough value to sell subscriptions to the Globe itself.

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