Monday, September 10, 2012

Three more years (at least) of the GREATEST NEWSPAPER FEATURE

On April 26, 1914, the Boston Daily Globe ran an ad assuring subscribers that "Little Stories for Bedtime" had been renewed for three more years. Thornton W. Burgess had just signed a new contract (technically with Associated Newspapers, not the Globe itself). This was an era when perpetual renewal (as in our contemporary newspaper comics) was not assumed so three more years of Burgess was a big deal.

We've already looked at the hype from 1913, but it is useful to note that the hype is stepped up a notch in this ad. Burgess is not just the favorite of children, his feature is "THE GREATEST NEWSPAPER FEATURE now running in any paper." Adults, too, are committed readers in search of their daily fix. They too, will be hooked, if they start reading, the Globe suggests.

And this would be good for Globe subscription numbers.

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