Saturday, December 29, 2012

Online sources for Burgess newspaper stories

I've provided some of this information in a previous post but I thought it might be useful for some readers who might be inspired to track down some of the actual stories I've written about.

Google News Archives is the best free source, and so that's what I'll focus on.

The dates in parentheses indicate the years of the paper in the Google collection overall. The second pair of dates is the approximate starting and stopping point for Burgess stories. You will have to search the issues individually to find the stories, though by the 1930s they were usually run on the comics page.

Note that the Google collections are sometimes spotty with entire quarters occasionally missing. It usually works to move between the Lewiston Daily Sun and the Saskatoon Star-Phoenix. When both collections have holes at the same time, I usually had to move to a pay site to get the missing issues.

Milwaukee Journal (1884-1995) February 9, 1915-April 28, 1926

The Lewiston Daily Sun (1890-1989) April 4, 1921- November 10, 1943/ Dec 11. 43-October 21, 1961

The Deseret News (1832-2003) 1918/June 21, 1921-July 31, 1933

Youngstown Vindicator (1807-1984) July 6, 1921-January 16, 1932.

The Border Cities [Windsor, ON] Star (1918-1952) May 11, 1922 to June 4, 1925

Quebec Daily Telegraph (1812-1925) April 10, 1922-October 15, 1924

Pittsburgh Press (1819-1992) August 22, 1927-April 25, 1931.

Saskatoon Star-Phoenix (1851-1967) January 2, 1929-1965

Warsaw Times-Union (1949-1977) March 16, 1953-December 29, 1955. 

Edmonton Journal (1913-1986) May 1, 1953-May 31, 1955

Eugene Register-Guard (1867-2008) September 5, 1955-May 4, 1961.

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  1. Hello, These journals are no longer accessible, aside from a sampling available. Milwaukee Journal itself has been bought out entirely. Are these stories compiled elsewhere, by Burgess enthusiasts?